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Ladies Apparel Store in Seneca, South Carolina
263 Market Street, Dogwood Plaza - Ph: (864) 882-0500

About Emily's, Especially for You

Emily's, Especially for You, has been family owned and operated since it's start over 38 years ago. Emily's and it's employees have been dedicated to keeping Seneca, Clemson, and the Upstate of South Carolina in style by providing personal shopping experiences. Emily's offers a variety of clothing and brands. Shopping at Emily's is like going shopping with your best friend!

We are located at 263 Market Street, Dogwood Plaza, Seneca, South Carolina. Use the map below to locate us.

Our phone number is (864) 882-0500.

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Current View of Emily's, Especially for You store.

Explore the clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories we have to offer by selecting from the menu above.

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